Messege From The Management

Mr. Anil Saini

Dear Students,
I welcome you to be a member of the family ‘Alpine Group of Institutes’ which would go a long way in enlightening you, with the latest upgraded knowledge in the career of your choice. India’s burgeoning industry is looking for conceptually sound professionals for enabling industry to be competitive and viable. The liberalized Indian industry environment today require highly competitive, accomplished and well trained man power, capable of delivering and providing results through adoption of innovative appropriate techniques and methodologies. We provide our students a platform which makes them strong enough to carve a niche for themselves in the society. We impart proper training to our students, using latest technology and equip them with all necessary skills and talents, which are required by the present as well as the future society.

Mrs. Bhawana Saini
Managing Director

I realised how essential it is today to give each individual a fair chance to verge on and stay focused on a predetermined future "a career one has planned and desires to achieve it one day". At Alpine we are preparing students from immensely diversified backgrounds and cultures to realise all their targets in the journey of life and achievements. As a parent you naturally desire that your child should be able to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available today. We will transform them into entities you can be proud of. Someone who has all the skills to become a success story. Alpine is a leader in exploiting innovative teaching methods, learning and testing material. Students are encouraged to work in partnership with their teacher to frame a personal and a beneficial style of learning. Our achievements in the past years and the promise of our future rests on the talent, determination, and energy of our dedicated faculty members as always we greatly appreciate their efforts and enthusiasm. Without them, our continued success would not be possible. I would also like to thank the management for their conscientious oversight and trusted guidance. At Alpine it will be our endeavour to make your time an exciting and profoundly rewarding experience.

Mr. S.K. Chauhan

It is my pleasure to introduce Alpine College of Management & Technology, located in a beautiful and picturesque campus in Doon Valley nestled in the foothills of Himalayas. Globally, there is a need of junior level professionals of high quality in every sphere of the changing world. We prepare students for better tomorrow with latest technology. Our youths are our hopes of the future. It is our duty to provide them with the best of opportunities for their future. Alpine has been started by a group of renowned educationists of the country, in the newly emerged state of Uttarakhand with highest bio-diversity where the flora and fauna of the state is still unexplored. The basic aim of the institute is to impart high quality professional and technical education to the youth of the nation. The Institute’s aims to produce highly skilled young professionals of their field who will not only serve the state, but will have a valuable role in the development of the nation. We, the Alpine family believe that one size does not fit all, thus we provide each student with the opportunity to pursue a unique pathway that assists him or her in reaching specific life goals. We value excellence and expect our students to achieve their personal best in all endevours. As the Director of the Institute, I invite you to visit our campus and give us valuable suggestions for its betterment. I assure you of our full cooperation and care. Looking forward...