Bachelor in Computer Applications

BCA, better known as Bachelor in Computer Application, is a 3-year undergraduate program in computer applications.

During the Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) course, you will be imparted knowledge on topics like programming languages, hardware and software, computer networks, World Wide Web, Database Management, Logics, Multimedia etc.

Students opting for Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) acquire skills and information not just about Computer and Information Technology, but also in communication, organizations and management.

One gets a chance to learn programming languages such as Java, C , HTML, SQL, C#, PHP etc. The developers for these programming languages are in high demand in the market ever since the launch of Digital India Program by Govt. of India.

Information regarding various computer applications and latest development in IT and communication systems is also provided. This course provides sound practical skills about addressing problems which arise in computer systems and applications.

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Bachelor in Computer Applications – Specializations

  • Computer Graphics
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Word Processing

  • Internet Technologies
  • Accounting Applications
  • Animation
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Personal Information Management

Opting for a Bachelor of Computer Application Course at Alpine College Dehradun opens up a new dimension of opportunities for the students. You can either choose to work with a multinational company or further enhance your skills by opting for higher studies like Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

The rapid growth in the IT sector backed by the Digital India program has increased the demand for computer professionals. A number of students are choosing the option of self-employment options like Freelancing, App development, Blogging and others.

MNC’s like HCL, Intel, Infosys, TCS, IBM and others are always looking for graduates in the field of computers to meet their ever-increasing demand for a workforce, which is well versed with computers and programming concepts.

Start-Up – Personal Business:
After BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) degree you can start your own business in India under the programme “Start-up” by the Government of India.

Indian Railways With ITI:
For those who are serious in working with public sector companies like Indian Railways and other govt. agencies should take one more year with the Industrial training institute (ITI) to get trained for working with govt. agencies.

Joining MNCs:
Those who are not in the mood of starting up their own business or not in the state to invest can join multi-national companies or can contact us with creative ideas and can be a partner with us while starting their own business.

Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services- TCS, Accenture, Wipro, HCL, Samsung, Etc

Employment Areas

For graduates, job opportunities exists in Government as well as in Private sector. Also, self employment options are available. After BCA, which is an Undergraduate course, graduates may take up Government jobs that require a Graduation Degree (for example- Armed Forces, Nationalized Banks, PSUs etc). When it comes to Private sector, Software MNCs are the prime recruiters. Web hosting, IT sector, Electronics Industry are some other sectors that recruits BCA graduates. Graduates may take up the following posts in the above mentioned sectors.

  • Academic Institutions
  • Software Developing Companies
  • Systems Management Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • IT Securities.
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accounting Department
  • Stock Markets
  • E-Commerce & Marketing Sector
  • ITES

Higher Education After BCA

These are the following higher education which can be done by student after this course.

  • MCA
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Management (MCM)
  • Master’s Degree in Information Management (MIM)
  • MBA in Information Technology.

Job Opportunities

  • Software Publisher
  • Finance Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Independent Consultant
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • System Security Officer
  • Software Architect
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Research Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Institutes
  • Government Departments
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Database Management professional
  • Information Security professional
  • Information Management professional
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Information Technology (IT) Analyst