About Us - Alpine at Glance

Educational Objectives

We, established as the Alpine Group of Institutes in the year 1994, have since emerged as one of the most respected and renowned institutes in terms of educational value, especially in the state of Uttarakhand. Still growing, our highly prestigious chain of institutes has diversified over a range of dedicated educational offerings, ranging from the field of Management Studies, Hotel Management and Life Sciences to Engineering(Polytechnic Diploma), Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Information Technology, Diploma in Pharmacy, Forestry, Agriculture, and PG courses in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology and Microbiology, all under the NIAE Education Society, Dehradun.

Here at Alpine, not only do we believe in diversification, but we also provide means for the seekers of these various diversifications to gain maximum field-oriented knowledge through our state-of-the-art facilities and a highly researched and planned academic curriculum. To impart this knowledge to the students, we at Alpine also provide highly-expertise and well-learned faculty members, who not only possess the knowledge, but also the expertise that comes from years of experience, along with seminars, workshops and guest lectures from globally-renowned professionals.

Also, to make sure that the students receive this in the best and the most stress-free mindsets, our institute has been built right in the heart of Doon valley, scenic beauty with so much greenery and such peaceful environment, where also a host of extra-curricular events are organised by our very students!


We, at the Alpine Group of Institutes, visualise a country having a fleet of learned individuals, with education so sound and a set of skills so developed, that not only do they make the nation grow, but also emerge as leaders and benefactors of the transition of our human race into an era of truly sustainable growth.


Our mission is to provide the most effective, overall education to our students in terms of technical, subject-oriented knowledge as well as intrapersonal skills, so as to inculcate a habit of doership within, in order to have them prepared for whatever challenges their tomorrow holds. We believe that once we imbibe the correct set of required skills along with the right attitude in our students, they flourish naturally even in the most difficult situations!


Learning Beyond Academics

At the Alpine Group of Institutes, we do not believe that learning only theoretical knowledge (Academics, per say), no matter however excellent, can bring about a stark overall growth in an individual. As we also realise that It is more important to embed this growth to the core in our students that just bringing it about.

And thus, on these notions we plan an education for our students which is greater than what comes from just books. We offer our students a learning beyond the regular academics.

Employment Area in Government Sectors

One of the best ways to get a grip of the core knowledge of any education stream is to understand how to put theoretical knowledge to practical use. While our state-of-the-art labs and highly-advanced curriculums help a lot in this context, the first-hand experience of industrial understanding really pushes learning a notch above.

Thus, to ensure that our students do not miss out in this way, we offer the following for the students:

  • Interactive conferences and workshops with professionals from various fields;
  • Mandatory industrial training or internships in the curriculum, which the faculties and authorities even help provide; and,
  • Mandatory projects for the final years as their chance to combine all their learning practically.


A very important aspect of education, usually overlooked against academics especially in India, is the application-oriented learning offered by labs, equally important for technical streams like Engineering as well as management streams like Hotel Management. What we learn in books, and nowadays off the internet, has to be practically worked upon somewhere for a more complete understanding of the same, and understanding which has been there for centuries.

We thus offer laboratories stacked with the latest technology and highly-modernised gadgets and equipment so that not only do our students get a working understanding of their theoretical principles but are also updated with their latest applications.


A very distinguishing appeal of our commitment towards an holistic approach for education is the very presence of working aircrafts within the campus premises, because we at Alpine do not believe in compromises when it comes to the education of our nation’s future leaders. Thus, a part of our elite fleet are a Beech Bonanza A-35, a R-22 Helicopter and a Learjet 25-B Heavy Aircraft. Not only do the students have dedicated faculties who impart in-depart understanding of the working of these machines but the students themselves get to learn the mechanisms in play on a first-hand basis.

Industrial Visits

While within internships, labs, workshops and academics most bits related to education are covered, to still put all the pieces together, we as an institute organise Industrial Visits to working factories, R&D labs of corporations, offices and related industry where, guided by our faculties and the professionals on-field, the students gain a very detailed and practical understanding of their future working environments.

Industrial visits as a practise have proven to be very helpful, essentially because not only do students learn live applications and nuances of education, but also because all this learning is done in the form of a field trip wherein the students are excited as well as calm and thus the learning that happens gets embedded deeper and is of greater value.